Upvc Windows and Doors

UPVC Windows and Doors have been the affordable thermally efficient UPVC Windows, double glazing alternative in the UK and Australia, due to their increased heat retention benefits, as well being much more stylish than standard aluminium framing options, and are now available in Christchurch, Canterbury, Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown, Cromwell, Kaikoura, Nelson and soon in Wellington.

After seeing the differences in double glazing solutions first-hand, and getting strong recommendations as I visit customers to discuss their Ventilation, Heating & Cooling needs, I did much research, and can agree that UPVC Windows and Doors, after the far superior product to use when looking to upgrade single glazed windows.

I've provided brief details below about the UPVC product range I recommend. Should you be interested in getting an obligation free quote, please complete the following form, and the South Island rep will make contact to arrange a suitable time to view your property and provide a quote: UPVC QUOTE REQUEST


Natural upvc windows

Why choose Weathertight UPVC windows, Deceuninck products offer a wide range of stylish double glazed and energy efficient window systems to compliment your home. All products offer the highest possible thermal and acoustic performance.

Our UPVC windows systems include;

European tilt and turn UPVC windows offer a simple contemporary and stylish solution providing the option of the windows tilting inwards or being fully opened inwards.

Awning UPVC windows are the most popular style in New Zealand an extremely versatile window that suits most homes with the benefit of lock on vent.

Bay windows are elegant and attractive external feature in any property whilst internally they create a sense of space and light.

Sliding windows characterised by clear, elegant and balanced sight lines, you can choose from a number of configurations and a wide range of styles to achieve the look you want.

Entrance & French Doors

upvc doors

The doors you choose for your property set the tone for your whole home whether you are looking for an entrance or french door Weathertight door systems have the answers offering a range of stylish options, a UPVC door manufactured using Deceuninck profile are built to last and combine sturdy construction with a superb finish.

Available as open-in or open-out styles Weathertight door systems offer you a wide choice of options whether you are looking for a glazed door or a door with panelling we can accommodate.

All our door systems come with multi point locking as standard.

Sliding Doors

upvc sliding doors

The feeling of space and extra natural light a sliding door creates don’t mean they have to take up more internal room. They are expertly designed to slide parallel to the wall so they don’t interfere with your room design or walking areas.

You don’t need to worry that a lager expanse of glass will mean your home loses heat or is less secure. All Weathertight sliding door systems are double glazed and fully sealed to keep your home warm and minimise draughts. And all our slinging doors also incorporate multi-locking mechanisms and anti lift strips for high security.


Weather Resistance

Deceuninck's ongoing development of material technology gives you a long lasting quality product. A longer useful life means peace of mind and a great looking window that continues to improve value of your biggest assest, your home. Extreme temperatures and severe weather exposure has no effect on doors and windows, continually performing perfectly in all conditions.

Maintenance Free

Deceuninck windows and doors system do not require regular re-painting and expensive maintenance. They will not rot, warp nor corrode, even in tropical and salty coastal climates. Maintenance is simply a quick and easy clean and does not involve any further costs.

High Security

Highly-secure windows and door profiles made by Deceuninck offer the best solution for increased safety in your home. Our special fittings, glazing and expert installation provide enhanced security for your family.

High Sound Insulation

In our busy lives, the hustle and bustle of every day living leaves us craving a little peace and quiet when we want it. Protection from noise is an important characteristic of a modern window, ensuring a comfortable life, both at home and in the office.

Thermal Efficient Insulation

At Deceuninck, we've got you covered in all climates. From the hottest summers to the icest winters, Deceuninck windows and doors help you to enjoy a perfectly comfortable atmosphere in your home. Our patented design keeps you insulated from the outside temperatures, providing you the best available thermal performance possible today.

Fire Safety

Fire tests have shown that Deceuninck materials are naturally flame retardant throughout their proeduct life. They will not cause, support or enhance the development of accidental fire. Unlike timber windows, the Deceuninck profiles do not support conbustion and are in fact self-extinguishing.

Material & Structural Performance

You are only as good as your track record. The longevity and superior quality of this material has been conclusively proved for over 40 years. Deceuninck's material compound performs and exceeds worldwide standards for strength, durability, heat-stability, colour-retention, and termite-resistance.

Termite Resistance

In many climates, timber windows and doors are often destroyed by termites, whereas Deceuninck windows and doors systems are fully resistant to these pests, thanks to our scientifically developed compound technology.

Maxium Water Tightness

Deceuninck windows and doors systems have been successfully used in swimming pool facilities, marine and ocean environments without any detriment to its surface-finish or performance. Weather-tightness and its resistance to driving rain is one of the main assets of Deceuninck windows and doors.

Maxium Wind Resistance

Due to our high-quality material properties and gasket technology, Deceuninck windows and doors are ideal for installation in seaside locations and areas with extreme wind exposure. Salty air, strong wind and extreme weathering has no effect on performance.