Panasonic Heat Pumps

Sometimes weather conditions negate what HRV Ventilation Systems can do the majority of the time, and you need to additional heating or cooling.

The obvious solution is a Heat Pump and HRV has partnered with Panasonic NZ, based on it being such proven supplier of affordable and efficient high quality systems, that perform extremely well in New Zealand conditions.

Panasonic is an international 100 year old company, which has an almost 60 year presence in New Zealand, so they are understand our unique climate well.

In winter your heat pump can be set on a timer and on a desired temperature. Come home time, your warm toasty house is ready and waiting for you.

Summer brings welcome relief from the cold winter months, but with it comes hot sticky nights, spent tossing and turning in bed. A Panasonic heat pump can be used at night to keep the home cool and comfortable.

When it comes to choosing a heat pump for your home it’s important that you select one that is right for the needs of your home and family. If you live in a warm climate and intend to use your Heat Pump to ease the summer nights, then you will want to make sure it is quiet enough to allow the whole family to sleep soundly. In winter you’ll want your Panasonic heat pump to effectively warm the whole house, so it’s important to select one that’s large enough to do just that.

Types of Heat Pumps

Every home is different and that’s why there are multiple heat pump options available to suit your unique needs. Depending on whether you intend to heat your whole house or the main living area, there should be a heat pump option that is just right for you.

Single Split Systems

Single split system heat pumps operate with a single indoor unit that connects to one outdoor unit. These systems are commonly used in main living areas which they heat effectively. However, a single split system heat pump is not able to heat the entire house alone. It can allow for some heat transfer if internal doors are kept open but this transfer is reduced by long narrow doorways and long hallways. However, single split systems are so popular, many people choose to install multiple systems in their home.

Panasonic Heat Pump Range

High Wall

A High Wall Heat pump is a wall mounted option, saving valuable floor space in small homes. It can be helpful for families with young children, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your Panasonic Heat Pump is up and out of the way.

High Wall mounted heat pumps are the most commonly installed systems in New Zealand, though more and more people are moving towards Ducted heat pump solutions.

Floor Mounted

If floor space is not an issue or you desire a heat pump that will heat larger areas, then a Floor Mounted heat pump may be best for you. While a floor mounted heat pump may seem obstructive, the modern designs of Panasonic’s Heat Pump range are not only slim and elegant but space saving too. The handy child-lock feature also helps to deter little fingers.

Ducted Systems

A ducted heat pump system works by sending warm air from a system stored in your roof cavity throughout the house via a series of ducts. There is also the option of controlling which rooms you want to heat at any desired times.

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