Newsmax Overview:

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Founding Date: September 16, 1998

Founder: Christopher Ruddy

Operated by: Newsmax Media

Online Platform and Streaming:

  • Online Streaming: Newsmax is known for its online streaming services, accessible on YouTube and the Newsmax website.
  • YouTube Live Stream: The channel provides a free live stream on YouTube, offering public access to its news and opinion content.
  • Newsmax Website: The official website,, serves as a comprehensive platform with four main sections: Newsmax, Newsmax Health, Newsmax Finance, and Newsmax World. Each section is further divided into various subsections.

Newsmax Media:

  • Conservative Orientation: Newsmax is recognized as a conservative American news and opinion website, reflecting a right-leaning perspective.
  • Founder and Operator: Christopher Ruddy founded Newsmax on September 16, 1998, and it is operated by Newsmax Media.
  • Sections on Website:
    • Newsmax: Main section covering general news.
    • Newsmax Health: Focused on health-related news and information.
    • Newsmax Finance: Covering financial news and insights.
    • Newsmax World: Section dedicated to international news.

Additional Platforms:

  • Print Magazine: Newsmax Media operates a print magazine called “Newsmax.”
  • Newsmax TV: In addition to the online platform, Newsmax Media operates the cable news channel “Newsmax TV.” This channel provides television viewers with news coverage and opinion programming.

Streaming Access:

  • Live Stream Channel: The live stream channel is available on NEWSMAX.COM, providing a continuous stream of news and opinion content.
  • YouTube Live Stream: The YouTube live stream is an additional accessible platform for the public to watch Newsmax content for free.

Growth and Accessibility:

  • Founding and Evolution: Newsmax was founded in 1998 and has since become a prominent conservative news and opinion source.
  • Free Accessibility: The free availability of Newsmax’s live stream on platforms like YouTube and their website contributes to its accessibility and audience reach.

Newsmax has established itself as a notable conservative news and opinion source, embracing digital platforms to provide accessible content to its audience. The combination of its online presence, cable channel, and print magazine reflects a multi-faceted approach to delivering news and perspectives to its viewers and readers.