Latest AI News for October 2023

Dubai Assembly For Generative AI

The Dubai Assembly For Generative AI, running from October 11-12, 2023, will bring over 1,800 experts in the industry to the Emirate. The event will feature discussions on the latest developments in generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in various fields1.

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AI ‘Guardian Angel’ Technology

RUSH and Downer have developed an AI ‘Guardian Angel’ technology that enhances safety on New Zealand’s roads. The project aims to keep road workers and road users safe at roadworks sites. According to Waka Kotahi, approximately 10 road workers or road users are killed and around 30 workers and users are seriously injured at temporary traffic management sites every year2.

Forbes AI Newsletter

The Forbes AI newsletter provides insights into AI-backed investing, the latest news, and more delivered directly to your inbox every weekend. The newsletter for October 7th reports that the Fed is expected to hike rates again as the US jobs report smashes expectations3.

ScienceDaily Artificial Intelligence News

ScienceDaily’s Artificial Intelligence News section reports on the latest developments in AI. In October 2023, researchers developed an AI that can intelligently design robots from scratch by compressing billions of years of evolution into mere seconds4Another article reports on how big data and AI are being used to model hidden patterns in nature, not just for one bird species, but for entire ecological communities across continents4.

Indian Express Artificial Intelligence Section

The Indian Express’ Artificial Intelligence section provides readers with the latest news updates on AI technology. In October 2023, OpenAI integrated its most powerful AI image creator, DALL-E 3, into Bing Image Creator5. The article also reports that EU antitrust regulators have not launched a formal investigation into AI chips.

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