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Our core product is the HRV Nex t Gen Ventilation System

HRV Fan Unit

HRV is the largest supplier of Ventilation Systems in New Zealand, dominating the market. WHY? Because we only install systems that achieve a RESULT.

In Canterbury alone you'll find 1 in 10 homes has an HRV Ventilation System installed, That's over 22,000 Canterbury homes benefiting from drier, warmer, healthier homes. Nationwide there's an HRV System being installed every 8 minutes.

Your HRV System will be custom designed to suit your home and will deliver up to 3 air changes per hour via diffusers in all bedroom and living areas. This is the ideal number of air changes HRV research has determined is the minimum required to achieve a result. Unfortunately many other vent suppliers fail to achieve that minimum, resulting in a failure to remove all condensation, and making the home less healthier.

Every HRV home ventilation system features a German made fan, an F8 filter with Seta nano-fibre filtration technology and our patented advanced touchscreen keypad control system, which is unique to HRV, and ensures that your installed system is always working to achieve the best result.

HRV Advanced Keypad gives instant visual overview of what's happening in your home and gives you quick control options

Everyday activities like cooking dinner and washing clothes contribute to the moisture content of the home. An average family of four actually produces around 3,500 litres of moisture in their home over a year.

HRV is a whole home ventilation system to reduce the accumulation of moisture within your home and provide a constant supply of fresher filtered air.

Drier air also helps improve the efficiency of heating products.

The HRV ventilation system features nano-fibre filtration technology that helps to improve your home's indoor air quality by filtering most of the common airborne asthma and allergy triggers from the incoming air. 

HRV is proud to partner with Sensitive Choice and Allergy New Zealand
HRV Endorsements

Whether your home is a 100 year old villa with single-glazed windows or a brand new double-glazed home, an HRV Ventilation can make a major difference to your in-home comfort, and future proof your investment, as you will be protecting against the damage dampness can cause over time.

When an HRV system might not be right for your home 

Every home is different and in some circumstances an HRV ventilation system might not be right for you. Here are some examples:

- If your house doesn't have a roof cavity

- If the roof cavity is not accessible

- If your home experiences excess moisture in the roof cavity or sub-floor

- If there are holes in the roof or ceiling

- If existing extraction fans or range hoods are vented into the roof cavity

Book a free home assessment with David to see if HRV ventilation is suitable for your home.

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