ABC News Australia: A Unique News Journey

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Founded on June 1, 1947, ABC News Australia has been an integral part of public news services, delivered through the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Operating under the umbrella of ABC News, Analysis, and Investigations, this division serves as the nexus for comprehensive news coverage across ABC’s television, radio, and online platforms.

In 2018, ABC’s digital presence made a significant impact, reaching an estimated 4.8 million users monthly within Australia. The ever-evolving ABC News website, as of 2021, not only encapsulates national and international news but also delves into diverse domains such as ABC Sport, ABC Health, ABC Science, ABC Arts & Culture, ABC Fact Check, ABC Environment, and multilingual news offerings.

ABC TV remains a key player in the broadcast landscape, offering timely updates throughout the day. The evening bulletin at 7 pm, hosted by state news presenters, strikes a balance between state-centric and broader national and international news. Financial insights are expertly delivered weeknights by Alan Kohler, showcasing ABC’s commitment to diverse programming.

Key Programs:

  • News Breakfast: Weekday mornings from 6 am to 9 am, this program, anchored by Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar, supplemented by Tony Armstrong and Nate Byrne, extends its reach online and across the Asia Pacific region.
  • Weekend Breakfast: Continuing the informative journey on weekends from 7 am to 11 am, with Johanna Nicholson and Fauziah Ibrahim at the helm.
  • ABC News Mornings: Joe O’Brien leads the mid-morning roundup on weekdays at 9 am, with Tony Armstrong and Nate Byrne contributing from the Melbourne studios.
  • ABC News at Noon: Launched in 2005, this midday update on weekdays, anchored by Ros Childs (weekdays) and Miriam Corowa (weekends), ensures timely information for each Australian state and territory.
  • 7.30: Hosted by Sarah Ferguson at 7:30 pm on ABC TV, it provides a robust exploration of current affairs, occasionally making way for significant state political events.
  • ABC Late News: Presented by Michael Tetlow from the Perth news studio on weeknights, offering a final wrap-up at 10:30 pm (eastern time), with separate editions catering to Western Australia’s time zone.

Diverse national broadcasts, including Afternoon Briefing, ABC News at Five, Insiders, Four Corners, Behind the News, Q&A, Landline, Offsiders, One Plus One, The Business, The Drum, The World, Australian Story, Foreign Correspondent, Media Watch, and Australia Wide, collectively weave a rich tapestry of information and perspectives.

ABC News Australia, combining tradition with innovation, continues to be a trusted source, delivering news that matters to audiences across the nation.