UPVC Windows and uPVC Doors Best Double Glazing Solution for South Island Homes
UPVC Windows and uPVC Doors Best Double Glazing Solution for South Island Homes

UPVC Windows and Doors have been the affordable thermally efficient, double glazing alternative in the UK and Australia, due to their increased heat retention benefits, as well being much more stylish than standard aluminium framing options, and are now available in Christchurch, Canterbury, Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown, Cromwell, Kaikoura, Greymouth, Hokitika, Nelson, Marlborough and soon in Wellington.

uPVC Windows and Doors

Plastic windows and doors have been around for quite a while and offer many great benefits. These uPVC windows and uPVC doors are much more energy efficient than windows in a wooden casing and offer better heat retention that the standard aluminium option that so many New Zealanders have only had the choice of until recently.

Not only has uPVC windows and Doors now stood the test of time equally as well. Plastic windows are environmentally friendly and trustworthy.

uPVC has come a long way to become the most sophisticated material for doors, windows, shutters, building materials, automobile parts, and many more. uPVC doors and windows have been used for many years in various places throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia, thanks to its advantages. New Zealanders are now beginning to experiencing the benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors, as more and Kiwi's have them installed and then recommend them to their family and friends.

uPVC Windows and Doors provide perfect insulation and require minimal maintenance. The benefits of using these products are extensive, but consumers may overlook some of the most interesting positive impacts of using the plastic windows.

These uPVC windows offer a variety of options to fit your unique needs and allow your home to be much more energy efficient. A carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the average person or household based upon the amount of resources being used. The more electricity and fuel is needed to power and heat your home, the larger your carbon footprint is. If you have cracks by your windows and doors, you use more energy to heat or cool your home. As you know this is bad news for your energy bill, but it is also bad news for the environment.


Here are a few ways that Double Glazed uPVC windows and uPVC doors benefit the environment:

  • uPVC windows and doors have thermal insulating properties which mean that you will use less energy to keep your home comfortable with cooling and heating.
  • These windows and doors are made from materials which are completely recyclable so they are virtually waste-free.
  • The uPVC windows and doors are extremely durable and resist warping which means they do not need to be replaced frequently. That means fewer windows need to be produced, which in turns means not only more money in your pocket, but also less energy used to produce the windows and doors.
  • Recycled materials are reused in production of new windows and doors.
  • uPVC as a material is a good alternative to timber. Logging for timber increases the rate of deforestation, however, it will slow down considerably as more people start using these uPVC windows and doors.
  • Calcium-zinc ingredients are used rather than lead-based ingredients, which is better for people as well as the environment.

Since these uPVC windows and doors are extremely durable, even in harsh conditions such as high winds or salt-water exposure, it means that they do not need to be continually replaced. The insulation properties of the windows will not deteriorate, so the windows you invest in today will look just as nice years from now. In addition, with the uPVC windows and uPVC doors, you will already be lead-free, if your area mandates that lead-free plastic windows be used in buildings. If you do decide to sell your house, it means you will not be trying to catch up and change out your windows right before you sell your home, you will already have that step done.

Although uPVC is the most widely used material for windows and doors across Europe, it is an important part of the growing windows market in New Zealand. Windows fabricators here attribute the increase in demand for the uPVC material to its ability to help limit carbon emissions, and thereby lessen their environmental impact. The combination of these uPVC materials with double glazing windows means greater energy efficiency. Yes, your home can be more energy efficient, which helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.


uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors Offer Extra Security For Home Owners and Tenants

upvc windows and doors security

Like most people you no doubt love having big windows and a plenty of sunlight in your home, but worry about the safety of your family. Not only can you get uPVC windows and doors that keep your home looking beautiful, but also ensure your family’s safety. uPVC windows and uPVC doors both offer excellent durability and security features for your home.

Everyone knows that windows pose a variety of security risks, but no one really wants to have to eliminate windows. There are some impressive aspects with the uPVC windows and uPVC doors that allow you have a great deal of peace of mind and keep your beautiful windows. Listed below are a few special things that only uPVC windows and doors can provide.

  • Special glass for improved durability
  • High-impact resistant sashes and frames
  • Integrated steel reinforcements in sashes and frames
  • Lockable handles
  • Security hardware
  • Tilt and turn windows don’t need security fly-screens
  • Tilt and turn windows make cleaning the glass a lot safer from the inside, no ladders necessary
  • Galvanised steel reinforced frames (doors and windows)
  • Multi-point locking system (doors and windows)

Both the uPVC windows and the uPVC doors that are glazed from the inside are built to resist impacts in the event a burglar or other uninvited guest tries to enter your home. You can also rest assured that the frames for both the doors and the windows have been subjected to rigorous testing standards and can withstand forceful impacts. The steel-reinforced frames and sashes make sure that your windows and doors are not only durable, but incredibly safe from intruders, shifting from temperature changes, and from dangerous weather. Your family will be much safer with the sturdy uPVC windows and uPVC doors, from both intruders and negative effects of bad weather. The superior fitting such as the flyscreens (fixed or retractable) for the windows and doors also means fewer insect guests and a lot less worry.

The uPVC doors and uPVC windows have secure locking systems which allow for air ventilation, without compromising the safety of your home. The locking mechanisms are also a must-have if there are any smaller children in your home. This feature keeps your little ones from getting into any trouble while still making sure that you only have desired guests. Safety is an increasing concern for many families and it is important to invest in windows and doors with safe locking systems. Doors should preferably have a multi-locking system for added security.

The tilt and turn uPVC windows and uPVC doors offer a lot of flexibility for the family. The windows tilt inwards to allow for airflow but do not compromise security. If you want greater ventilation, you can control the amount of air you want by turning the handle more. This feature also allows you to be able to easily clean windows even if they are on a higher floor because you will have full access to the glass from the inside, which keeps you a lot safer. The tilt and turn uPVC doors work in a similar fashion and are able to remain locked securely even while allowing an opening for fresh air venting.

Plastic windows like uPVC windows, and uPVC doors have great features for keeping families safe. For more information UPVC QUOTE REQUEST

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