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Nike store in NYC opens

Take a look around Nikes enormous new flagship store in New York City, complete with the worlds largest for-sale collection of Nike shoes

Nike opened its newest store, officially named the Nike House of Innovation 000, on Thursday. Located on Fifth Ave. in Manhattan, it’s Nike’s new flagship store in New York.

Spanning six floors and 68,000 square feet, it is packed with brand-new customer experiences that Nike has never done before, including the largest collection of for-sale Nike shoes in the world, a “speed shop” filled with popular items available for grab-and-go buying, and incorporation of new features from Nike’s shopping app, including instant purchase.

One floor is dedicated entirely to sneakers — including an area specifically for women’s shoes — while another is dedicated entirely to men’s clothing. Women’s and kids’ clothing share a floor.

Another floor is dedicated entirely to services for Nike Plus, the sports retailer’s free membership program. It provides perks like free courier delivery for purchases at the new store, free shipping for online purchases, and “unlocks,” which can include anything from exclusive access to in-demand shoes to members-only store hours.

Nike opened a similar store in Shanghai on October 4, which it called the House of Innovation 001. Already, 600,000 customers have come through the door at that location, according to Nike.

Immediately apparent when walking into the store is how important digital has become for the company, including integration with Nike’s app. The store is built with the idea that customers can use the app to purchase items right off the shelf, with no checkout needed.

Here’s what the enormous store is like to shop at:

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